Mid-day meals are known to significantly increase attendance levels in classrooms. They also feed children a nutritious meal, that otherwise may not be available to them. The Hans Foundation will fund the construction and operation of massive state-of-the- art kitchens to provide mid-day meals to hundreds of thousands of children across Uttarakhand.

In addition, The Hans Foundation has committed to fund computer training courses in 500 schools in the state, bringing a highly vital skill to thousands of underprivileged children.

Improving the quality of education requires investments in teacher training as well as creating environments that foster growth and learning in children. Additional large-scale programs will be taken on to increase the state educational productivity of Uttarakhand.


Aarohi is engaged in integrated rural development in the central Himalayan region of Uttarakhand for the last 23 years, with a mission to create development opportunities for rural communities through quality education, healthcare, livelihoods and other development interventions. The organization’s work extends from Nainital, Almora till Bageshwar districts and activities relate primarily to Health Care, Education, Livelihoods, Energy and Forest Management.
Aarohi touches the lives of over 1 Lac people through consistent engagement with help of over 100 full-time employees. The funding agencies of the organization are Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Global Giving Foundation, Goldman Sachs Gives, The Himalaya Drug Company, U. W. Linsi -Stiftung Trust, UK Chief Minister Relief Fund etc.

Proposal: Education Outreach Initiative (April 2016 – March 2017)
The objectives of the proposed project are three-fold:

  1. To prepare children from poor families for primary education by providing them a fruitful pre-school education.
  2. To assist students from standard 1 to 5 to achieve and maintain acceptable learning level.
  3. To build interest, capability and confidence in subjects such as Mathematics, English and to develop life skills among primary school students through regular teaching activities and subject specific camps for accelerated learning.

The project consists of 2 major components
1. Outreach Programs
2. Arohi Bal Sansar School

1. The Outreach programs are given below:
(a) Aganwadi center (AWCs): ‘Aarohi shiksha sahayak’ will provide pre-school education to 3 to 5-year-old children of 9 Aganwadi centers, with an aim to help them with language, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, through a series of games and playtime.
(b) Model Schools: Aarohi will strengthen 4 model schools by filling gaps in their basic learning resources – Blackboards, Books, Games, Stationery, Chart Papers, Activity Center, Sports, Music and Computer learning centre. Aarohi will also conduct a baseline assessment of all learners of these private schools to identify the gaps and needs with an aim to improve the learner’s reading, writing, speaking and comprehending text skills.
(c) Community Learning Camps: Aarohi will conduct 2 community camps each in 5 villages during school holidays. The objectives of these camps are to mobilize community and parents and bring their attention towards children’s learning status. The effort is to ensure that no child lags behind in the targeted villages.
2. Aarohi Bal Sansar School – The multipurpose hall will be upgraded to ensure the facilities of indoor sports and indoor cultural events to students. The permanent fencing of school will be taken up to ensure the safety & security of the students. The pickup & drop facility will be provided to ensure regular attendance of students. The direct beneficiaries are 1002 including 71 teachers and 931 children from 9 AWCs, 4 model schools and Aarohi Bal Sansar School. Indirect beneficiaries are 26,136 from 29 villages of Almora, Bageshwar, Pithoragarh and Nainital district.


Aasraa Trust was established in 2009 by Ms. Shaila Brijnath to support underprivileged slum children, a volunteer organization working on child rights with focus on education, vocational training, shelter homes etc.
It is providing various support services and special programs for these children such as:

  • Street Smart program: Basic literacy & bridge course, supplementary education
  • Mainstreaming into formal schools
  • Vocational Training
  • Nutrition & Medical care
  • Shelter Homes

It is affiliated with National Institute of Open School (NIOS) and is functioning as an exam and study center. The organization has received funding from various sources such as MM Lal Charitable Trust, Counselage India Pvt. Ltd., Sir Ratan Tata Trust, AshaJyothi USA and Helpalliance etc.

Proposal: Computer on Wheels (April 2017 – March 2018)
This project is an ongoing project of THF from the April 2016. The concept of this project is that no children are unreachable or unteachable. The idea behind the mobile learning centre is to reach underprivileged children and provide them equal opportunity of learning.
The idea is to support underprivileged children through education, vocational training and nutrition care with the thought that, “if we can’t get these children to school, we can certainly bring literacy to these children on the street”. Thus, trust is proposing renew of the ongoing project i.e. “Education on the Move” for street/slum children and govt. schools.
This mobile computer lab on wheels is reaching different locations of Dehradun such as Govindgarh, Kanwali Road, Choona Bhatta Slums and Bindal bridge etc. It has established a mobile computer lab with 10 computers and this bus is able to hold a class of maximum 20 students at a time. The bus is internet enabled and has power backup. The Mobile Computer Lab (MCL) is a multi-function vehicle serving two main purposes i.e. imparting computer literacy, concept support and computer aided curriculum learning. The MCL is covering government schools and slum children. The total numbers of children impacted through this bus are around 330.

Foundation For Excellence

Foundation for Excellence (FFE) was founded in the US in 1994 as a publicly supported non-profit organization. FFE supports Higher Education in India by awarding merit cum means scholarships to deserving students across India. Since its inception, FFE has awarded scholarships totalling roughly Rs 75 crores to more than 16,000 students across 27 states in India. FFEs volunteer facilitators help in identifying the deserving students. They identify eligible students, verify academic credentials and financial status to find out if the candidate genuinely deserves the scholarship.

Proposal: Educating bright and financially needy Engineering and Medical students in Uttarakhand by awarding m (April 2016 – March 2017)
THF had approved HANS1 project with an aim to impact 100 students in the age group of 17 to 21 years, pursuing Engineering and medical degrees over the period of 5 years i.e. 1st October 2014 – 30th September 2019.
Qualified students for this project include those who are originally from:
a) Uttarakhand and attending colleges within the state.
b) Students from Uttarakhand but attending colleges elsewhere in India.
c) Students attending colleges in Uttarakhand but, hailing from different regions of India (not to exceed 20% of total allocation).

Under this project, THF is providing facilities of tuition fee, laptops, internships to all 100 students. FFE deployed a field director and volunteer facilitators, who notify and maintain relations with colleges, and identify, select and mentor the deserving candidates. Trained facilitators advertise and publicize the notification in colleges and elicit responses from good students and then select and verify the deserving ones. These students also maintain close contact with FFE staff and their progress was tracked and monitored regularly. The scholarships are renewed annually based on good academic performance and financial needs of the students.

THF participated during the scholarship and laptop distribution and during an event conducted by FFE for communication with scholars. The project aims to be self -sustainable through the pledge of each beneficiary to fund two other scholars. The project has a direct impact on 100 families to help them transition from low to middle income group in a single generation. It thus helps in transforming the lives of academically bright and economically underprivileged students in India by enabling them to complete their higher education.

Other Uttarakhand Programs

Forest Regeneration


The Hans Foundation’s revolutionary approach to health is designed at two ends; prevention and treatment. »



There is this inherent belief that the poor are different. But we have to realize that they want what we want: to make a living and support their families. »



There is this inherent belief that the poor are different. But we have to realize that they want what we want: to make a living and support their families. »

Beyond Uttarakhand

The Hans Foundation’s ‘Uttarakhand 2020’ project will change the lives of millions in Uttarakhand. The Hans Foundation will actively advocate for and fund similar pilot projects in other states across India. This will facilitate awareness and adoption of best practices in other states. The Hans Foundation extends an open invitation to other NGOs and government agencies in the upcoming years to observe the results of this revolutionary project.