Forest RegenerationMid-day meals are known to significantly increase attendance levels in classrooms. They also feed children a nutritious meal, that otherwise may not be available to them. The Hans Foundation will fund the construction and operation of massive state-of-the- art kitchens to provide mid-day meals to hundreds of thousands of children across Uttarakhand.

In addition, The Hans Foundation has committed to fund computer training courses in 500 schools in the state, bringing a highly vital skill to thousands of underprivileged children.

Improving the quality of education requires investments in teacher training as well as creating environments that foster growth and learning in children. Additional large-scale programs will be taken on to increase the state educational productivity of Uttarakhand.

Other Uttarakhand Programs

Disease Prevention

Disease Prevention

The Hans Foundation’s revolutionary approach to health is designed at two ends; prevention and treatment. »


Children’s Education

Millions of people across India burn firewood in inefficient and smoke-producing stoves to cook every day. »

Beyond Uttarakhand

The Hans Foundation’s ‘Uttarakhand 2020’ project will change the lives of millions in Uttarakhand. The Hans Foundation will actively advocate for and fund similar pilot projects in other states across India. This will facilitate awareness and adoption of best practices in other states. The Hans Foundation extends an open invitation to other NGOs and government agencies in the upcoming years to observe the results of this revolutionary project.