Disease PreventionThe Hans Foundation’s revolutionary approach to health is designed at two ends; prevention and treatment.

The two major causes of diseases in India are malnourishment and a lack of access to clean drinking water.

  • Malnourishment is the single largest contributing factor to disease in the world. A healthy nutritious diet is almost impossible for hundreds of millions of Indian farmers, due to poor harvests, lack of storage facilities, inefficient access to markets, and subsequent poverty. The Hans Foundation will bring in the most effective agricultural programs in the world to thousands of villages in Uttarakhand. The poor will be well fed, healthy and will likely see a 100-200 percent increase in agricultural-based income.
  • A UN study has reported that people who have water-borne illness occupy 50 percent of the world’s hospital beds. The Hans Foundation has developed a cheap bicycle-driven system in which even a young child can filter water at a rate of 1000L/hour. Viruses and bacteria are filtered out, rendering the water clean. The system can be fixed by any average bicycle repairman and provides clean water at a cheaper rate than any other system available today. The system will be installed in every village in Uttarakhand with contaminated water sources.
  • A combination of these two programs may decrease disease rates by over 50 percent. To address the remaining need for health services, The Hans Foundation will expand its existing hub and spoke model to provide primary healthcare/emergency care access on a regular basis to the villages in Uttarakhand by 2020.

Other Uttarakhand Programs

Forest Regeneration

Forest Regeneration

Millions of people across India burn firewood in inefficient and smoke-producing stoves to cook every day. »


Children’s Education

Mid-day meals are known to significantly increase attendance levels in classrooms. »

Beyond Uttarakhand

The Hans Foundation’s ‘Uttarakhand 2020’ project will change the lives of millions in Uttarakhand. The Hans Foundation will actively advocate for and fund similar pilot projects in other states across India. This will facilitate awareness and adoption of best practices in other states. The Hans Foundation extends an open invitation to other NGOs and government agencies in the upcoming years to observe the results of this revolutionary project.