We’d like to share some stories of people

our projects have impacted.

Care India Medical Society (CIMS)

CIMS is a twenty-two year old public charitable trust in Pune, which provides a social support system to the community in preventive, early detection and terminal care aspects of cancer control management. THF has partnered with CIMS on two projects, Satseva and Vishranti.

Satseva -The project aims to provide home care to poor and needy patients suffering from advanced cancer to improve the quality of their residual life. A team comprising of a doctor, nurse and social worker visits the patients in their homes and provides pain and symptom management. Visits are made regularly once the patient’s needs are assessed. Family members are counseled and a holistic approach of providing physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of care is followed.  The team ensures that the patients have a pain free and dignified death.

Vishranti – It is a 15-bed hospital set up to provide 24×7 hospital care free of cost.  The aim is to support the patients by providing palliative radiation or in some cases resorting to a bypass of the diseased system (through outsourcing) where a patient still has a reasonable amount of residual life with all other systems working.

The center provides intensive care for symptom relief and sends the patients back to their homes with the assurance that the home care programs would continue to support them with professional car. The services provided at the hospital free of cost include admissions, investigations, nursing & supportive care, diet, stay, guidance, etc. In some specific cases, even funeral expenses and conveyance of the deceased to their villages are provided as humanitarian relief.

Home Care program SATSEVA and inpatient care program VISHRANTI form a unique combination of services complimentary to each other which are fully supported by THF.

Cochlear Implant

Hearing impairment is most common sensory deficit in humans, affecting more than 360 million people worldwide. Children born with hearing impairment cannot develop speech, which affects their education, development and ultimately it leads to their social isolation. But if treated with Cochlear Implant surgery before five years of age, it enables a child to lead a normal life like any other child. Cochlear Implant (CI) is an electronic medical device that replicates the function of the inner ear. Each CI procedure (device, surgery and rehabilitation) costs about 7 – 8 lakhs; a prohibitive cost for poor and even middle class families in India. Realizing the sufferings of tens of thousands of these children and trauma of their families, The Hans Foundation launched its Cochlear Implant program in 2014. Beginning at a moderate scale, to help the poorest of poor, it has become our signature program which is perhaps the biggest by any single organization in the world.

So far, THF has supported 500+ surgeries CI cases with an outlay of more than 20 Crore (INR). This is inclusive of providing complete support for the Cochlear device, the surgery and also the post-surgery rehabilitation cost which is the most crucial component of the process. This year THF plans to support 300 children with CI procedure. It is a humble endeavor on the part of THF to transform lives of these children.

Other Projects



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Our Initiatives

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