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King George Medical University

King George Medical University (KGMU) is a reputed hospital in Lucknow established in 1870. The hospital attached to the King George’s Medical University is called the Gandhi Memorial & Associated Hospitals. It’s a prestigious university of medical excellence in the world in education, research and patient care. The hospital is fully equipped with state of the art facilities for providing all medical services. KGMU will be provided technical assistance by Sight Life. Founded in 1969, Sight Life is the only non-profit global health organization solely focused on eliminating corneal blindness in the U.S. and around the world. In 2009, Sight Life took on the larger mission to eliminate corneal blindness and established their program.
With help of funding, partnership and support from The Hans Foundation, KGMU and its operational partners, Sight Life and Sitapur Eye Hospital Trust-Regional Institute of Ophthalmology (SEHT-RIO), KGMU Uttar Pradesh Community Eye Bank (KGMU-UPCEB), a 1900 square foot facility with the state of the art equipment and broad community support for eye banking was built and established in 2016. KGMU-UPCEB serves the cities of Lucknow, Sitapur and the surrounding region. This will also serve as a proof of concept for effective eye banking in UP in the future.

Proposal – KGMU UP Community Eye Bank

Corneal blindness in Uttar Pradesh is a significant public health problem, leaving approximately 1,90,000 corneal blind individuals waiting for a sight-restoring transplant that might never occur. The objective of the KGMU UP Community Eye Bank project is to build a sustainable system for Corneal Transplantation to restore sight to the nearly 190,000 people in Uttar Pradesh living needlessly blind. The commitment of the project is for six years from the year 2016 to 2021 and in the first year, a world-class community eye bank was set up in Lucknow to begin serving the needs of the corneal blind in Uttar Pradesh by King George Medical University (KGMU). The project was implemented on a “Build-operate-transfer’ model that can be replicated in other states. This proposal is for the funding support in the second year i.e. from April 2017 to March 2018. In this year, the facility will also be developed as centre of excellence for corneal transplantation surgery and recovery in UP.
The project aims at delivering significant value to the central region of UP in the form of priority access to optical quality corneas to government institutions, access to surgeon training and workshops in partnership with SightLife, and tangible results in the form of thousands of people having their sight restored throughout the project time frame.
Beyond the project time frame, KGMU and its regional partners will use the project as a “proof of concept” for expansion into other regions of UP, thus continuing to increase access to more sight-restoring transplants for the corneal blind.


Since 1998, PRASAR has been working in the rural areas of Banki and Masauli blocks of Barabanki district and 100 villages of Rampur Sangramgarh block in Pratapgarh District of U.P. The organization focuses on information dissemination on local self-governance, health, education, and community mobilization for active participation in development and primary education especially for girls and marginalized sections of the society. They are running two Mobile Medical Vans supported by The Hans Foundation (THF) since 2011.

Proposal – HANS Mobile Medical Services (Maternal & Adolescent Health Care Program)

With the financial support of The Hans Foundation, PRASAR has been implementing Hans Mobile Medical Services (2 Vans) program in 121 villages of Banki and Masauli Blocks of Barabanki District in UP from June 2011. The project area comprises of rural populous – particularly adolescent girls and women, where amenities and health awareness are very poor. THF has been requested to fund the entire running cost of 2 ambulances along with training costs for adolescent girls and young women on reproductive health, capacity building of Health Workers and organizing eye camps in the project geography. This year the organization has visualized a plan for three years where almost 30 villages will be phased out and new Gram Panchayats/Villages will be added. A total of 7000 direct and 35000 indirect beneficiaries would be covered through Hans Medical Services This program tries to ensure maternal and adolescent Health care through awareness, education and strong services delivery with substantial reduction in infant mortality rate (IMR) and maternal mortality ratio (MMR).

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