We’d like to share some stories of people

our projects have impacted.

Community Educational Centre Society

Near India’s border with Myanmar is a state called Nagaland. Being so far away from the nation’s capital, very little attention is given to the state of 2 million.

The Hans Foundation has partnered with CEC Society to bring education to 350 children in Nagaland up to 8th grade.

After this, they are eligible for vocational training courses. Equipped with a basic education and knowledge of basic health and hygiene practices, they can pursue a career path of their choice.


In a rural village two hours away from Dehradun is a school that exemplifies what opportunity and hard work can bring to the poorest families.

Children who survive in small cramped homes with no running water, no electricity, little food and vast familial issues are offered hope by Purkal School.

Every day, they attend a school free of cost that feeds them nutritious meals four times a day, and educates them to be exceptional people in their communities.

The school administrative body has taken a rather atypical approach to educating their students. Students spend 5 out 10 hours per school day on a carefully prepared educational syllabus and the rest of the day on athletic activities, art, and music.

The 300 students develop as individuals and stand out even among students in other schools that pay heavy tuition fees.


Millions of people in India live on less than $1 per day. They use their meager earnings to struggle through a day-to-day budget. Facing such a shortage of funds for even basic necessities, people send their children to work as daily wage earners as well. It’s the only way the family will have enough money at the end of the day to afford a basic meal.

Because of this hardship, milions of children across India miss out on the opportunity to go to school. If they stop working, they can’t afford to eat.

To make an education available to children, The Hans Foundation has partnered with Akshayapatra to provide free mid-day meals in school to over 120,000 children.

A simple meal is enough to take a child out of back breaking hard labor into a safe school where they can build their future.

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