We’d like to share some stories of people

our projects have impacted.


India has lots of underutilized government infrastructure and professionals that cater to the mentally handicapped. Rather than creating institutions that work parallel with government infrastructure, we chose to utilize the capacity that was available.

With Anjali, an NGO in West Bengal, The Hans Foundation runs 3 mental health kiosks in partnership with government institutions. This includes the employment of 50 trained health professionals, that deliver last- mile services to patients.

Together we have helped alleviate the debilitating psychological effects of domestic violence, alcohol abuse, social isolation caused by physical inadequacy, and family members passing away.

Satya Special School

In Puducherry, a city in southern India, we found an institution that provided rehabilitation therapy for children with mental and physical disabilities.

We were very intrigued with the impact they had on their communities. Parents no longer had to wait in long lines at government hospitals hoping their child would get a little attention from a therapist.

Instead, the staff at Satya Special School paid individual attention to each child and treated them as they would their own. The demand for their work had far outgrown their existing capacity.

The Hans Foundation partnered with Satya Special School in April 2013 and doubled their capacity. Now they are able to treat 8 kids simultaneously.


We undertook this project because we wanted to redefine what autism means for children.

PRADIP approached us with a unique program to give home-based vocational training to children with autism.

Together we were also able to build a school that guides older autistic children in Kolkata through a curriculum that teaches them to participate in the work field just like everyone else.

Other Projects



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Our Initiatives

Since its creation in the year 2000, the state of Uttarakhand has experienced a widespread lack of access to even the most basic medical services. »