We’d like to share some stories of people

our projects have impacted.

THF Hospitals

Since its creation in the year 2000, the state of Uttarakhand has experienced a widespread lack of access to even the most basic medical services.

To address this need, we established THE HANS FOUNDATION HOSPITALS (THFH). Undertaking several major hospital projects in Uttarakhand, THFH is bringing affordable quality health care to all in Uttarakhand and surrounding areas.

THF Eye Care

A staggering 63 million people in India are visually impaired. But with access to eye care, 80% can be helped. To reach the visually impaired in and around Uttarakhand state, THFH established THF EYE CARE. Located in the city of Haridwar, the HUB hospital provides affordable eye care to an urban population. In outlying areas, SPOKES, including satellite hospitals, vision centers, and outreach camps provide eye care to the rural.

THF Satpuli Hospital

An estimated 75% of India’s population is rural and mostly poor. Yet, only about 25% of India’s physicians practice rurally. This leaves almost 900 milllion rural Indians in need of even the most basic medical care. To help bridge this gap, we launched THF SATPULI HOSPITAL, a project compassionately providing health care to Uttarakhand’s rural. Set on 10-acres in the Pauri district of the Himalayas, THF SATPULI HOSPITAL is coming up as a 150 bed full-fledged multi-specialty facility catering to the specific medical needs of the area. With patients routinely walking 40 km, including several km to reach a road, the response overwhelmingly confirmed rural need.

Having provided medical care to over 80,000 underprivileged free of cost, THFH is beginning to see itself as a game changer in the noble cause of HEALTH FOR ALL.

Mobile Health Clinics

Rural villages all over India face a chronic lack of medical care. Our team has pioneered a method of providing for hard-to-reach areas that require the most attention.

We built a network of well equipped health clinics built into vans. Our 26 drive around key areas of need we have identified and provide primary health facilities to thousands of people.

By carefully choosing the routes our vans run, we maximize the number of people covered by our network.

Ever since we started running our mobile health vans, we have seen our model duplicated by many organizations across India. We couldn’t be happier with this phenomenon our efforts have created, and we encourage others to participate in this movement and provide for the millions of people who need a way to access a doctor.

Women’s Empowerment

In many villages in Alwar, Rajasthan, many widows have to raise their young children in extreme poverty.

With incomes as little as Rs. 1000/month these women struggle to find where their next meal will come from.

Basic farming on small infertile plots of land, or daily hard labor wages make every day a challenge for them and their children.

With Nari Utthan Sansthan we decided to provide two buffaloes to every woman that needed our help.

We sponsored programs to teach them animal husbandry and dairy farming. These women, eager to build a better life for their children, learned the best ways to care for their buffaloes.

The women bring the buffalo milk to a chilling plant that we built to connect them to national dairy wholesalers. With their hard work and dedication, they have, at a minimum, quadrupled their incomes. They take great pride in being able to support their families, and we take great pride in serving them.

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