Congenital Heart Disease or CHD is the number one cause of birth defect-related deaths in the world and remains to date one of the major causes of mortality and morbidity in the pediatric population of both the developing and developed countries. In India alone, it is responsible for 10 per cent of infant deaths despite the fact that rapid advancements in diagnosis and treatment of CHDs have made it possible for doctors to treat this ailment. Financial resources are a major cause of concern and make all the difference because these surgeries are way too expensive to be afforded for the common man. Many families have watched beloved ones die merely because they did not have the money to treat their child.

The Hans Foundation started ‘The Little Hearts Programme’ under their signature programme initiatives in 2013

Little hearts programme providing a new lease of life

Little Heart Programme is being run by the foundation since 2013 for children born with congenital heart ailments. The Hans Foundation joined hands with the leading hospitals in the country like National Heart Institute, Wockhardt Hospital, to rekindle hope for underprivileged children suffering from CHDs and their families. Time is of essence in these cases because any delay can be fatal for the little ones. In some cases the child needs to be operated within the first few hours or days of his/her life. Early diagnosis and timely management thus, are the most crucial aspects of this treatment.

Post-surgery, there is a robust system in place to monitor the progress of these children on regular basis by a panel of specialists. Since these children are from a very underprivileged background, due care is given to provide the nutrition for next six-months post-surgery.

“Over the years, this program has transformed more than 700 children across the country”


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