Health is the largest segment of THF’s work in the social sector. We work on a human rights approach to health that translates into the Right to Health for everyone. The Foundation embodies the right to equitable access to healthcare, including the underlying determinants like access to safe drinking water, proper sanitation and adequate supply of safe and nutritious food, healthyoccupational and environmental conditions. The main aim of health interventions of The Hans Foundation is universal access to public healthcare services in remotest areas of the country, integrated comprehensive primary healthcare, with emphasis on services addressing women’s and children’s health. As an organization, we are committed to ensuring that underprivileged people live healthy and productive lives.

Hans Medical Mobile Units – Primary Health Care

For improving health in a community, its populace must often alter aspects of the physical, and social in order to eliminate factors contributing to health problems or introduce elements promoting better health. Adolescent girls outside Indian cities are especially vulnerable as teenage marriages and pregnancies are very high in remote areas. Thus, new mothers living in inaccessible areas have a much greater chance of dying during childbirth. THF supports grassroots NGOs to improve quality and coverage of high impact maternal health services. The Foundation addresses the needs of adolescent mothers who are more at risk of complications during pregnancy and post-delivery period. We are a lifeline for the working poor who are making a sincere effort to help themselves and their families but cannot afford medical care. Without our MMUs, many patients would forgo or delay care until faced with a medical emergency. These fully-equipped Medical Units are staffed with a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, community health worker and driver so that the immediate health care needs of beneficiaries can be assessed, treated and proper referrals are made where necessary. Gynecology services are provided on consultation basis. The foundation is currently running more than 45 Mobile Medical Units and reaches out to approx one million patients in a year. The foundation, through its network of medical mobile units, reached out to the most underdeveloped and inaccessible areas to provide quality primary healthcare including diagnosis, referrals and awareness on health issues in approx. 700 villages and slums of India. The medical services are aimed at improving the health status of infants, children and mothers during their pregnancy. These MMUs provide free consultation and medicines and visit the villages with a fixed frequency. The program focuses on early detection and prevention of all pathological disorders related to pregnancy, labour and health of the neonate. Early diagnosis has been instrumental in preventing maternal ill-health, injury, maternal mortality, foetal death, infant mortality and morbidity. These lifesavers also cover basic diagnostics which helps in early identification of critical illnesses and are also referred to tertiary care.

PHCs/Polyclinics/Boat clinics – Primary and Secondary Health care

THF supports Primary Health Centres/poly/boat clinics are providing best health care in the remotest areas of Sundarbans island, villages in backward and underdeveloped areas of Jharkhand and in the backward region of Punjab. These PHCs/Policlinics are adequately staffed and have diagnostic facilities and sometimes work on a hub and spoke model. These clinics reach out to more than 1,00,000 beneficiaries in a year and conducted awareness health camps with the help of Asha workers to spread good health and hygiene practices.

THF Hospitals – Tertiary Care

The Hans Foundation Hospitals are based in the hilly state of Uttarakhand. The hospitals deliver compassionate affordable quality health care for everyone. The foundation has also set up a 150-bedded general hospital in Satpuli, Uttarakhand (supported by RIST), a hilly area where no such government facility is available. This multispecialty hospital provides affordable healthcare to the rural populace with emergency/trauma and all major specialities including surgery, orthopaedics, paediatrics, ENT, dermatology, ophthalmology, dental and radiology. The hospital has benefitted approximately 1,20, 000 patients treated and 5000 surgeries performed, of which 70 per cent of consultations and 80 per cent of the surgeries have been free of cost. The Hans Foundation eye care hospital at Haridwar works on a hub and spoke model hub being a tertiary eye care hospital and the spokes being the secondary hospitals and vision centres planned at selected places in the state. Outreach Eye camps are the mainstay of community eye care services, intended to reach and serve the underprivileged and so it has been the case with The Hans Foundation Eye Care also. In addition to the patients treated at the hospital at Haridwar, over a period of two years from the commencement of operations, The Hans Foundation Eye Care has held 249 outreach eye camps, screening 52,221 patients in the districts of Haridwar, Pauri, Tehri and adjacent areas. The eye care facility at Haridwar offers both paid as well as charity facilities. The charges for the paid facilities too are significantly lower than the prevailing charges in the other eye care facilities in the general area of Haridwar.

Cancer palliative and Terminal Care

There are very few government facilities available for cancer patients in India. THF is funding Hospice Bangalore where terminal patients are treated for pain management and taken care of in the terminal phase with a very dedicated team of doctors and hospital staff. Palliative care for advanced stage cancer patients includes not only early detection of critical symptoms and side effects of the disease and its treatment but also the support for psychological, social and spiritual problems. It also helps the patient and the family to achieve comfort and eventually prepare them for a peaceful death and bereavement. The Hans Foundation has been supporting Bangalore Hospice Trust (BHT) and Cancer India Medical Society (CIMS). In CIMS, THF has extended support for Home Care and Hospital Care for advanced stage cancer patients from needy families to improve the quality of their residual life. Every year these projects impact more than 900 patients in and around Pune. BHT is a hospice rendering free palliative care to advanced stage cancer patients. THF supports the entire cost of 24 beds every year which benefits more than 300 patients annually. Through this project, THF has benefitted more than 1500 terminally diagnosed cancer patients since 2012.

Community Outreach And Awareness

We at the Hans Foundation know that infant mortality, maternal mortality, and incidence of infectious diseases can be curtailed only by enhancing awareness among women; increased involvement of stakeholders; improved performance of health delivery system and establishing an effective monitoring system. With a special focus on Maternal and Child Health, the Foundation has been actively engaged in dissemination of information to raise awareness about the reproductive health of women, the importance of child immunization, anaemia, cervical cancer, menstrual hygiene health & sanitation of adolescent girls.


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