General FAQs

1. Who does The Hans Foundation fund?

The Hans Foundation funds registered NGOs that have a valid FCRA certificate.

2. Does The Hans Foundation work with organizations outside India?

No. The Hans Foundation’s activities are restricted to India alone.

3. For which areas of work does The Hans Foundation provide grants?

Our core funding areas are education, health, and physical and mental disability. Our mandate includes the advancement of education for all children with a focus on the girl child, specifically in rural and disadvantaged communities; improved access, without prejudice, for those in need to healthcare and related services; and specific dedication of resources will be given to the requirements of people with special needs (mentally and physically disabled) and the elderly. This does not mean that we are unwilling to consider individuals and groups working outside these fields, provided they fall within our mission.

4. What are the documents required by the foundation once the project is approved?

The following is a list of documents that are required by The Hans Foundation:

  • Certified True copy (Signed by Board Member/ Trustee) NGO Registration Certificate.
  • Certified True copy (Signed by Board Member/ Trustee) FCRA / FC-1 certificate.
  • Certified True copy (Signed by Board Member/ Trustee) PAN Card.
  • Certified True copy (Signed by Board Member/ Trustee) last IT Returns.
  • Certified True copy (Signed by Board Member/ Trustee) last 3 years Audited Balance Sheet.
  • Certified True copy (Signed by Board Member/ Trustee) 80 (G) – 12A.
  • Authority Letter of NGOs (Signed by Board Member/ Trustee) – Authorizing an individual from the NGO to interact with us.
  • Proposal for Funding (Signed by the Authorised individual) and past projects executed by the NGO.
  • FCRA Accounts & Bank Details of the NGO.

5. Are there any restrictions in funding?

No. However, as a rule in the first year of partnering with a new organization we restrict our funding from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 Lacs only, although we reserve the right to adjust these amounts depending on the project.

6. How long does it take before the funding amount to be transferred?

The proposals are presented to our Trustees twice a year (April and October) for their approval. The final deadlines for full project proposals are end January and end July. Proposals received after the given time period will only be considered in the subsequent half. Notification of our final decision will be given in a timely manner and a schedule will be determined to arrange for the donation to be made.

7. If my organization has received funding from The Hans Foundation before, then are we automatically eligible for another grant?

No. If your organization requires further funding, you will have to provide us with updated reports along with a fresh proposal.

8. What are the reports that are required post funding?

We require a quarterly synopsis of the activities of the organization along with case studies (if any, available for the quarter) as well as photographs for our records. The reports should be submitted in the format provided by THF. In addition, we also require a Quarterly Utilization Certificate duly countersigned by the Chartered Accountant of your organization.

9. Are there any visits by The Hans Foundation?

Yes. The team carries out visits before the funding to ascertain the NGOs activities, as well as post funding visits to see the effective utilization of funds by the organization.

FAQs for Donations

1. What Currency does The Hans Foundation accept online donations in?

The Hans Foundation accepts online donations only in Indian Rupees (INR).

2. I am not an Indian national; can I make a donation?

You can only make online donations if you are an Indian national with a valid PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card.

3. Is the website safe to make online payments?

Yes, the website is safe for making online donation transactions. Also the payment gateway (Citrus – PayU) is a recognized third party payment gateway. So any transaction also is thoroughly secured by it.

4. How much should I donate?

There is no specific amount that should be donated. You may donate as much as you feel you can contribute towards the work done by The Hans Foundation

5. Will I get a receipt for the donation I make?

Yes. Before making the payment online, there is an option where you may select to receive the Tax Receipt on the email ID provided by you.

6. What are the tax benefits for donors?

A donor will get 50% of tax exemption on the donation under section 80 G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

7. Do you Issue Tax Receipts? How can I get my Tax receipt?

Yes. Before making the payment online, there is an option where you may select to receive the Tax Receipt on the email ID provided by you.

8. What happens if the tax receipt is lost?

In case you have not received the Tax Receipt or have lost the receipt, you may write to us at: