One Step at a Time Towards Hope

By 01/09/2015Events

Pratyush1As an organization it reaffirms that we are on the right path when our beneficiaries share how our support has been one of the catalyzing factors of transformation in their lives. One such story is of Master Pratyush Choudhary who was assisted with all the three components of THF’s Cochlear Implant support, including the cochlear device, surgery and rehabilitation- post operative care.

Pratyush belongs to a middle class family, his father Mr. Naveen Choudary met with an accident, and there was a theft in their house, which led to a significant financial damage to the family. Under these circumstances he approached THF for financial support for Pratyush’s cochlear implant surgery.

Pratyush was diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss at the age of 1 year and he was using bilateral hearing aids for the next 2 years. He was operated on 13th March 2014 with a cochlear device at the age of 5 years at Saket City hospital, New Delhi.

THF collaborated with the best team of surgeons and rehabilitationist’s to make it possible for Pratyush to be able to experience the joys of childhood and hear all mystical sounds of the world.

Recently Pratyush’s parents have proudly shared that he has won a gold medal in 50 meter flat race out of 44 schools of Faridabad. Pratyush is currently studying in Modern School, class V at Faridabad.

This gives us immense pleasure to know that our efforts have made the dreams of his parents come true to see their child not only listening and responding like other children but also beaming with the confidence to participate in extracurricular activities.