Ashish Foundation for Differently Abled

Ashish Foundation for the differently abled (AFDA) Charitable Trust, was established in 2007 in Delhi in order to serve children with autism and other mental and physical disabilities. The organisation has provided quality services for children with autism and their families. AFDA works on the foundational beliefs that all children are created with a purpose and potential and that all of us are differently abled in some way or another. They have been supported by organisations such as The Hans Foundation, Reconciled World, Nora Solomon Foundation, British Telecom and Friends of Ashish (USA).
Ashish Foundation in continuation to last year’s project aims to develop skills of differently abled children aged from 4 to 25 years, enrolled in the centre to enable them to be independent citizens in their adulthood. In early intervention, Ashish centre has proposed to work with 40 children with autism this year.

Project – Child and Family Services
AFDA through their Ankur program would also provide vocational training and independent living skills to 20 teen and young adult students. The program teaches the students basic daily life skills, as well as vocational specific skills from working in a small retail store to handicrafts which will assist them in leading financially sustainable lives.

AFDA also conducts individual assessment of each child after providing life skills and therapies (Physio, Speech and Occupational). Families of these children are also empowered through AFDA by training them in skills to work with their children, support and learn from each other and be the eyes and ears within the community for early detection of autism.

Ashray Akruti

Ashray Akruti (AA) is a Hyderabad based, not-for-profit organisation working for people with hearing impairment (HI) since 1996. With the realisation and understanding, that Education is a Right not a privilege, they run a full- fledged school to bridge the gap and remove the barrier to education for hundreds of children with hearing loss. They offer series of services such as early intervention programs, education, vocational training in multimedia & animation with a good placement support. During the course of its journey spanning 18 years, Ashray has succeeded in mainstreaming 150 children in regular schools, colleges and universities. Around 30 hearing impaired (HI) youth have been trained and are now gainfully employed in the graphic and animation Industry.
Ashray Akruti has been certified by Credibility Alliance and empanelled with the National CSR hub of Tata Institute of Social Sciences. It is also an NGO member on the ethics committee of Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad and the Indian Institute of Public Health, Hyderabad.

Proposal – Project for providing AVT for children

The present proposal is a continuation project for supporting practices of inclusive education in two schools in Hyderabad. There is a dire need to provide opportunities of inclusive environment for the learning and holistic development of the children with hearing impairment. Amongst, all disabilities, the barrier to educate the hearing-impaired group can easily be removed through technical support, right attitude and trained teachers. On rehabilitation, children with hearing loss, have greater potential to acquire knowledge and pursue higher studies unlike children with other forms of disabilities.

Fifteen children with hearing impairment have been identified for inclusive education at government primary schools in two areas of Hyderabad namely ‘Devendra Nagar’ and ‘Nehru Nagar’. The organisation had set up ENT camps and will also identify 10 more children to get them admitted for inclusive education. The children from the age group of 5 to 14 years will attend regular classes and will be taught by regular teachers. The two resource teachers (specialized in education for children with hearing impairment) including one speech therapist and one coordinator will be appointed by AA to provide assistance to regular teachers and also to address the special needs of children.
Simultaneously, 8 to 10 regular teachers will be given technical inputs on pedagogy and methodology to teach children with hearing impairment. Non-disabled students will be sensitized towards sensibilities of person with disabilities. Ashray Akruti (AA) will ensure inclusion in the classroom for example children with HI need to sit in front desk so that they can do lip reading etc. The school system is ready to do the required adaptations in classrooms with support of AA.

The following strategies will be followed for the effective implementation of the proposed project of providing education to the hearing-impaired children in the inclusive setup and each of these strategies will be customized as per each child’s individualized education plan.

  • Providing appropriate hearing aids: The students will be provided appropriate hearing aids after proper evaluation and assessment.
  • Developing speech and language: Speech therapy will be provided to the hearing-impaired students at the inclusive school and help improve their speech and language.
  • Support in Academics: The special educators will encourage the hearing-impaired students to attend regular classes, they will work in close association with the respective teachers to ensure that the child is progressing according to the goals set by the team of speech therapist special educators and respective teachers.
  • Provide Remedial Teaching: Special educators will help the children to cope up with the subjects covered in the class in the available time in the school or post school hours.
  • Capacity Building for Teachers: Regular workshops and orientation programs will be conducted to build capacity of the teachers in government school.
  • Developing all-round capabilities: Ensuring that hearing impaired children participate in sports and co-curricular activities which will help to promote their all-round ability development
  • Providing services free of cost to beneficiaries: Facilitating free education for the hearing-impaired children at the inclusive set up.

Satya Special School

Satya Special School was founded in 2003 with the mission to provide holistic interventions to all people with disabilities across all age groups in the district of Puducherry, a first of its kind in that area. Satya offers services which include early & therapeutic interventions through the Day Care Centre and Special Schools, Vocational Trainings, and Sheltered Workshops in order to make PWD’s independent. There is a separate training programme for adults with disabilities such as horticulture and Mushroom cultivation supported by Chemfab Alkalies Ltd. They also have community reach programme and a mobile therapy unit, which is funded by Italian Association to Aid the Children (CIAI), Italy. Besides providing services, Satya also forms alliances and associations with different organisations, agencies and universities to maintain the scientific and systematic approach of rehabilitation. So far, they have been associated with University of Oregon, IWOA, USA, Sri Aurobindo Society, Dept of Social Work and Psychology, Pondicherry, Holi Cross Society, JIPMER hospital, AFID-UK, Midan Charitable Trust and so on. Satya was recognized as the Best Child Friendly Special School for the year 2015-16 by TYCl & Mughil Organistaion, Pondicherry and also awarded by Reliance foundation & 92.7 Big FM as Real Heroes of 2015 in Puducherry. The Hans Foundation (THF) has been supporting Satya for their two projects namely early intervention programme since 2013 and Centre for Multiple Disabilities since 2014.

Proposal – Satya – Centre for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities – Unique Learners

The proposal is the three-year plan for the same project “Centre for Unique Learners (Multiple Disabilities)” in the entire region of Puducherry. The main emphasis of this project is to improve the quality of life of children and their families by making them interdependent and ensure their right of dignified life. In the first two years, the project continued to offer a range of services such as medical support, supplementary nutrition, special education, therapy, assistive devices vocational training to all 75 children with severe forms of disability. The Centre helped and trained parents & siblings to deal with ongoing challenges to raise the child with required adaptations in behaviour and physical environment of the house. The project is shaped into a resource centre cum advocacy network, to provide information related to disability and services such as education, intervention, training, livelihood solutions available to PWD in the city of Puducherry and the state. The new activities include formation of association of parents (advocacy group), avenues of self-supported employment for existing beneficiaries, awareness programme on accessibility of the city for PWD, building up knowledge, EIC and audit report submission to government.

Other Projects



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