In India out of the 121 Cr population, 2.68 Cr are persons with disability which is 2.21% of the total population. Among the disabled population 56% (1.5 Cr) are males and 44% (1.18 Cr ) are females. In the total population, the male and female population are 51% and 49% respectively. Majority (69%) of the disabled population resided in rural areas.

In an era where ‘inclusive development’ is being emphasised as the right path towards sustainable development, focussed initiatives for the welfare of disabled persons are essential. Disability is one of the core areas of work for the foundation and it has been supporting programmes aiming at empowerment of people with disabilities (PwDs) since inception. This year, THF supported 30-40 NGOs/Partners working in the field of disability every year in the country which covers all types of physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities and people with mental health issues. THF support is extended through funding to its partner organisations, technical assistance and advocacy to organisations already working in this sector. Our focus on disability complies with UN convention on the rights of people with disabilities, to promote a shift from institutional care system to the community – based services. We are working with a diverse set of stakeholders ranging from non-governmental organizations, National Trust (under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment), Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and international organization like Keystone Human Services International etc.

Community based inclusive living

The Hans Foundation has been a proponent of de-institutionalisation. There has been huge number of persons with mental illness who have recovered in the mental institutions but are not able to live an independent life due to various social, cultural and economic reasons. Given this bare reality in India, The Hans Foundation supported partners like Ashadeep, Assam to demonstrate models of independent living for persons who have recovered from mental illness. Through this project, the persons were also provided support for independent group living. The Hans Foundation supported the monthly provisions for those persons and also integrated regular health check-ups, counselling and assessment of the individuals. This model is an inspiration for other partners working in the field of mental health and has paved a way for similar initiatives in India. The Hans Foundation plans to foster partnership with Swyamkhrushi in Andhra Pradesh, The Banyan in Tamil Nadu and Tata Institute of Social Sciences to run similar interventions for persons with disability.

Inclusive Education & Vocational training / Employment for PwDs

In a unique initiative, THF has supported Anjali, in Kolkata West Bengal to demonstrate a meaningful engagement for persons with disability who have already recovered but have not been united with their families. Under this initiative, these persons with disability run a laundry where they have been trained on the entire process right from collection to cleaning the used laundry generated by the Pavlov Hospital where they are housed. Through this, these inmates not only stay but also serve the hospital through their newly acquired skills. The initiatives would be scaled up where more number of persons with mental illness who are deemed fit to undertake this activity would be inducted. This project has not only brought back their self-esteem and dignity but have also demonstrated that with support these people can fight back to join the mainstream. The Hans Foundation has supported partners to work on projects to enhance the employability of persons with disability through imparting vocations skills as well. The support to Riddhi in West Bengal has also been in enhancing the employability of the persons with disability though need-based interventions. The opportunities have also been created in Uttarakhand for persons with disability through the grant to Naman Seva Sansthan. (Sarhak Educational Trust, Veer)

With Mitra Jyothi in Karnataka, The Hans Foundation has promoted opportunities for women through independent living skills for visually impaired women. The project has also provided skill based training to women. The Hans Foundation has also supported Mitra Jyothi for Working Women’s Hostel for women with disability. (Add number of beneficiaries for each of these interventions)

Community Outreach Projects

These projects have wide reach whereby it implements community outreach interventions through comprehensive components of identification, counselling, referral, medication and networking. The Hans Foundation supported organizations like Bethany in Meghalaya, Anjali in West Bengal, Sri Dakshinya Bhava Samity, Andhra Pradesh for community mental health interventions. The projects have also been successful in minimizing the stigma associated with the mental health and the environment of openness and discourse around the subject have been promoted. The Hans Foundation has also funded organisations like Satya Special Academy in Puducherry, Sense International, Goa and Sri Nrusingha Dev Anchalika Yuba Parisada (SNDAYP), Odisha for community based rehabilitations programs which were delivered by trained professional in underserved areas. The special services were also delivered by Sweekar in Andhra Pradesh for Rehabilitation and Educational Programmes for People with developmental Disabilities with the funding support from The Hans Foundation.

Holistic Care for Persons with Disability

The Hans Foundation is supporting organizations that provided day care support for persons with disability. The projects worked towards enhancing the competencies of the individuals through the help of occupation therapist and other professionals. The organizations like Cheshire Homes (location), Ashish Foundation, Score Foundation, Saksham have been extensively working in providing necessary institutional care (statistics and pictures).

Keystone Institute India (KII) established by The Hans Foundation & Keystone Human Services International

Beginning in November 2015, The Hans Foundation entered into a partnership with Keystone Human Services International focused on social change for India around disability issues. At the center of this collaboration is the creation of Keystone Institute India, a new educational institute on disability, community and innovation, aimed at strengthening the inclusion of people with disabilities in community life in India. Keystone India Institute provides extensive consultation and education around developing responsive, community supports

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for people with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities.
It also focuses on supporting the development and success of individualized alternatives to congregate care and institutionalization. To accomplish its aim, Keystone Institute India works with a number of partners, including people with lived experience of disability, their families, advocates, allied organizations, and national and local government. This project will strengthen and support families and people with disability to be in leadership roles in the furthering of an inclusive society, and will identify talented Indian change agents to build and engage a national leadership base focused on moving India and Indian citizens towards a future of promise. This includes access to true home, a sense of belonging, freely-given relationships with others, community presence, fairly compensated work, and a good education for all people, including those with disability.


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