Sweta-RawatMrs. Shweta Rawat

Chairperson, Co-founder

Mrs Sweta Rawat’s family along with Manoj Bhargava, founded The Hans Foundation in 2009. She has played a key role in defining the goals and direction of the organization. Since its conception, The Hans Foundation, has funded social initiatives and projects in areas of healthcare, women empowerment, livelihood, disability, and education across India.

Describing The Hans Foundation’s vision, Ms. Rawat explains, “The foundation’s aim is to provide equal access to quality facilities for healthcare and education, and to provide a dignified livelihood to all people, regardless of age, gender, caste and religion. From mobile health clinics and hospitals, to drinking water purification at a village level, the foundation has taken a comprehensive approach to healthcare.”

In addition, Ms. Rawat has emphasized the importance of enhancing agriculture in impoverished communities, as it is a key element in both health as well as income generation. The foundation has also supported numerous large projects for education, from mid-days meals to computer training courses to full adoption of schools. Ms. Rawat stresses disability projects as a key part of The Hans Foundation’s efforts. Having taken on a highly diversified portfolio of projects, Ms. Rawat has ensured that The Hans Foundation reaches out to all marginalized communities in need of support.

Mrs Sweta Rawat has a B.A. in International Relations from American University in Washington DC and a M.A. in Human Rights and Politics from City University, UK.

Manoj-BhargavaManoj Bhargava

Principal Donor, Co-founder

Manoj Bhargava is a philanthropist and entrepreneur, most known as founder and CEO of 5-hour Energy, a 2-ounce energy shot. He signed the Giving Pledge in 2012, and has committed over 90% of his wealth to charitable causes. He frequently visits India to provide his input to building The Hans Foundation’s activities.

Apart from his charity work, he has set aside funds to to address the world’s most pressing issues. His projects include highly efficient water desalination and several health products to revolutionize healthcare worldwide. Many of these products are set to launch in 2015.

Early in his life, Bhargava worked at a variety of jobs including construction labourer, cleaning contractor, accounting clerk, taxi driver, printing press operator and business manager. He started a plastics raw material company in 1990, Prime PVC Inc., now called Prime Conduit, which he grew to $20 million in sales and then sold to a private equity firm. After that he started a consumer products company, Living Essentials. In 2004, the company developed the product “5-Hour Energy”, which has become a well-known brand in the United States.

Bhargava attended high school at the Hill School in Pottstown, PA, graduating in 1972 before attending Princeton University. He dropped out after completing one year. After that he dedicated many years to a spiritual education in India and the United States.

He was born in Lucknow, India.

Other Team Members

Lt Gen S M Mehta(Retd), AVSM, SM, VSM**
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. G. V. Rao
Executive Director

Prabhat Kumar

Director (Admin & Finance)

Col. Sanjay Gangwar
Director (Program & Evaluation)

Sudeep Sinha
Director (Program & Evaluation)

Satya Prakash Sharma
Administration Manager

Love Kumar Arora
Manager- Finance & Audit

Jagrity Sharan
Program Manager

Shobhit Sharma
Program Manager

 Kaveri Dixit
Deputy Program Manager

Shabina Bano
Program Manager

Aayushi Rawat
Finance Associate

Swati Sharma
Program Manager

Khushboo Saif
Deputy Program Manager

Dinesh Menaria
Program Manager

Mohd. Naseem
Manager (Grants & Finance)

Shruthi Gakhar
Executive Secretary

Sapna Tiwari

Mohan Singh Negi
Document Management Administrator

Chandni Tandon
Program Manager

Vishal Singh
IT Systems Manager

Raghav Kumar
IT Analyst

Ritika Bhardwaj
Program Associate

Kaainaat Khan
Program Associate

Omkar Gonjari
Program Associate

Dehradun Office

Vijay Kumar Jamwal
Director – Program & Evaluation

Krishna Trivedi
Deputy Program Manager

Pallavi Silswal
Deputy Program Manager

Neeraj Sharma

Bhaskaranand Kaptiyal
Administrative Assistant

Seema Singh
Program Manager

Sonal Vishnoi
Program Manager

Chitvan Chamadia
Program Associate

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