Who We Are?

The Hans Foundation is a charitable trust fund that was created to provide a source of endowment for not-for-profit organizations in India.

As one of India’s largest funds, we have funded hundreds of charitable organizations across India. We value our partners’ hard work and fund their efforts, which cater specifically to the needs of underprivileged people in their localities.

Our Vision

To work towards creating an equitable society with the aim of enhancing quality of life for all through empowerment of marginalized and underprivileged communities in India.

Our Mission

To identify and implement social development projects in the area of health, education, livelihoods and disability which are scalable and replicable, in partnership with NGOs, government and institutions, aimed at holistic development of all underprivileged and socially backward communities in India.

Our basic approach to fund allocation is as follows:

We primarily finance small grass-roots organizations that operate directly in the communities that they serve. This ensures that the funds directly impact the people in need.

Along with the local organizations, we also support larger organizations that have a greater outreach. With these organizations, we aim to develop solutions that are replicable across the country.

Our experience with our partners has taught us a lot about social development throughout the country. We are actively exploring new and unique projects that will make a large impact in the rural parts of India.

The Hans Foundations works hard to identify partner organizations who want the best for the people they serve. Together with our partners, we have enhanced countless lives.

At this time, The Hans Foundation does not accept requests for grants. However we will be reaching out to organizations based on our areas of focus.